Friday, July 20, 2012

Los Angeles - Movie Trivia

This past spring I went to visit a very good friend in Los Angeles.  She's lived there for a couple of years and it was actually my third time visiting her in L.A.  Los Angeles and the area around it is chock-full of things to do and see.  One fun thing to do is to quiz yourself on the different movie locations that you see around the city.  Let's try a couple...
Which movie was this house (at the top of the hill) in?

Answer:  This house was the house that Paul Rudd's character was trying to sell in the movie "I Love You, Man".  It's where Paul Rudd's character met Jason Segel's character and they became friends.

What movie took place at this location?

Answer:  This is the area around Rodeo Drive....which is also one of the settings for the movie "Pretty Woman".  When I took this picture, the filming of an unknown movie was actually in progress.  (You know you're in Beverly Hills when the fire hydrants are silver).

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  1. The season 5 of Californication has lots of scenes in that house too! As Samurai Apocalypse's home.


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