Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The NHL Has The Blues....

....and no, I don't mean the St. Louis Blues.  As of today, we still do not know if there will be a 2012-2013 NHL season.  The NHL team owners and the players are in disagreement over a couple of issues including player reduction in salary and player contract terms.  Due to the increase in "big" contracts being handed out to players, for example Zach Parise's contract of $98 million over 13 years, the owners want to limit the number of years in a contract to a maximum of 5 years.  Yesterday key NHL stars flew into Toronto to have another meeting with the NHL team owners.  If these issues do not get worked out by September 15, there will be a NHL "lockout".
  This would not only be a huge bummer to avid hockey fans everywhere, it would also affect some of our plans for our NYC trip.  Last year we saw the NY Rangers in Madison Square Garden.  This year we were planning on seeing both the New Jersey Devils and the NY Islanders while we are in the Big Apple.  One of the items on our "Bucket List" is to see at least half of all NHL teams play a game in their home stadiums.  In my next post I will blog about the NHL home games we've seen so far in our quest to check off another item from our "Bucket List".


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