Friday, September 7, 2012

Bus Tour Expectations

  Since my last post was about the bus tours I've taken over the last few years, I decided to create a follow up post about what to expect and what not to expect with bus tours. 

  What To Expect: 

-Expect to see a lot of the big tourist spots and highlights of the towns and cities
-Expect to meet many new people and even make some new friends
-Expect to get up early every morning
-Expect most if not all breakfasts to be included in the tour plus some lunches and dinners
-Expect to pay for extra optional excursions and expect some to be on the pricey side
-Expect to bring your medical insurance information for the tour company because most do ask for it
-Expect that most tour companies limit the weight of your luggage so that it doesn't drag down the bus
-Expect to bring enough money to tip the tour guide and bus driver at the end of the trip

What Not To Expect:

-Don't expect the bus to make bathroom stops every hour, it usually stops only every couple hours
-Don't expect a lot of free time to explore the smaller towns, some stops are only for an hour or two
-Don't expect 5 star hotels unless you have paid for a higher-end, luxury tour
-Don't expect the group to wait for you to primp yourself every morning....some tours will leave without you

  Every bus tour and bus tour company is different.  Some tours are more fast paced, whereas other tours are more leisurely.  The tours that have a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time seem to like to keep things moving.  Many people also keep in touch with each other after the tour is over.  One older couple from our Germany tour even invited us to visit them in Scotland!

This photo is of me and some tour-mates on our last tour night all together in Madrid.

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