Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

  In the aftermath of this horrible event, I would like to say a prayer for those who did not survive the disaster of Hurricane Sandy.  Thankfully everyone that I know that has friends and family on the East Coast are saying that they are hanging in there.  My sisters lost power in NYC but are surviving.  They're cold but safe.  I know that people and communities will be there for each other as they piece their lives back together.  Disasters like this could happen anywhere, anytime and I want those suffering this hardship to know that people all over are thinking of them.

November 2nd Update:
Yesterday my sisters' apartment building gained power after 4 days without it, however it wasn't all good news.  One of my sisters was home alone in the building and a fire started in one of the lower apartments.  My sister got out of the building unharmed and actually because she was in the building, she was able to let the firemen in when they arrived to put out the fire.  She saved valuable time by letting them into the building and they were able to put out the fire before it spread.  I know people all over New York and the East Coast have been having tragic experiences all week and my heart goes out to these people.  

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