Monday, October 8, 2012

Pandas - Did You Know?

  I wouldn't call myself a huge TV person but I do have to share that I absolutely love the Nat Geo WILD channel.  Animal Planet and HGTV are tied for my second favorite TV channels.  The main reason I love HGTV is because they have House Hunters International.  Even though I've read online that this show is somewhat fake, I still enjoy seeing the different cities and what types of housing there is outside the U.S.
  Sometimes while watching Nat Geo WILD, I learn these really fun facts which I like sharing.  I've decided to once in a while do posts called my "Did You Know?" posts.  Then you have to tell me whether or not you knew these fun and interesting facts.

Today I have 2 facts on Pandas:

Did You Know that Pandas are rented from China (usually by zoos) for $1 million a year per Panda?

Did You Know that Pandas are only fertile for 36 hours a year?

Both of these facts I learned from "Miracles Babies" on Nat Geo WILD.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know!
    $1 million dollars a year sounds really pricey.
    And 36 hours, talk about seizing the moment!


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